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House of Offer

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House of Offer & Love

The House of Offer and Love is a self-contained space, where clothing, footwear and toys are collected and sorted, which are donated by fellow citizens and are available free of charge not only to beneficiary people of the Ladies Union of Drama – House of Open Hospitality but also to distressed people throughout the prefecture. The House of Offer and Love also has an unseen entrance, in order to ensure the confidentiality of all those who contact the organization.

Coverage of Mother’s – Newborn’s First Needs

This action concerns the complete equipment of parents who are about to give birth to a child and provide them with the baby’s dowry together with the necessary furniture.

Preparation of Wedding – Baptism

This action is supported entirely by businesses that are either in operation and donating wedding and christening items, but also by businesses that have closed and are providing their items too.