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Psychological & Legal


“Diexodos” Program

Since November 2013, the operation of the “DIEXODOS” program started. The program aimed at preventing and combating all forms of gender-based violence against women, as well as providing assistance to victims of gender-based violence.

The aim of the Project:

  • Selection of 100 beneficiary women
  • Integration of 30% of the direct beneficiary people into the labour market
  • Raising awareness and sensitization of the local community on gender-based violence
  • The action was implemented in the framework of the action 3.2.4. “Support to Non-Governmental Organizations (Women’s Organizations) Cycles A and B of the Operational Program “Administrative Reform 2007-2013”. The program was approved by the General Secretariat for Gender Equality of the Ministry of Interior with a total budget of 69.400,00 Euro.

Despite the end of the program, those beneficiary people ,who wish, continue to receive free counseling and legal support services from the volunteers of the Ladies Union of Drama – House of Open Hospitality until today, while at the same time they are informed about job opportunities. Additional counseling is also provided to new cases that need support. The volunteers are available to the beneficiary people in order to offer their services. As part of the psychological support, individual or group sessions are provided, while volunteer lawyers offer legal advice and representation under certain conditions.

Helpline for Abused Children and Women

The Helpline has been operating since April 2009. By calling 25210-58888 anyone can listen to pre-recorded material on domestic and child abuse by using the call centre and pressing the corresponding digit. The caller also has the option to speak directly with an available counselor. Specifically, the line provides legal, medical, psychological and social assistance and is aimed at anyone seeking information on issues relating to domestic violence and child abuse as well as those seeking help for abuse problems.

This action is based on voluntary work. The volunteers group is made up of professionals in law, medicine, social sciences, humanities, psychology-child psychology, mental health and their physical presence is not required as they are equipped with the appropriate equipment at home. Volunteers based on the principles of anonymity, confidentiality, availability and respect provide their services. According to the statistical analysis, they serve in the largest percentage women who mainly ask for legal advice followed by information and a large percentage ask for psychological support.

The action with code EL0038 was financed by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism EEA Grants 2004-2009 and National funds with a total budget of 430.891,00 euro

Time to Talk!

The vision of the President of LUD-HOH , Aliki Tsiamoura, to deal with the perpetrator of gender violence, becomes reality through the new project entitled “Time to talk!”, of 14 months duration, implemented under the Active citizens fund program, with the grant managers for Greece, the Bodossaki Foundation and Solidarity Now. The project started at the beginning of December 2021 and employed 2 staff members. The training of the LUD-HOH about the suitable management of the perpetrator was undertaken by the Norwegian organization “Alternative to Violence” with 30 years of experience while a nationwide survey on the new emerging forms of violence on the internet, aiming to raise awareness of the new generation, in cooperation with 3 Universities of Greece, the Democritus University, the University of West Attica and the University of Peloponnese was conducted. The project aims through a variety of other actions such as workshops with all the high schools and the secondary schools of the city of Drama on the new emerging forms of violence on the internet, reform of the website timetotalk.gr, creation of an online game, graffiti, to inform and raise awareness of citizens in the fight against all forms of gender violence.